Conservatory base
Seascaping plans

Conservatory base progress

I didn’t get the base finished this weekend, but I worked at an enjoyable pace and got a more than fair amount done.

The rocks will barely be visible in the end, but I had fun painting and it was good practice.


I cut a piece of plywood for the back wall, stained and repaired a broken door, and started bricking.


I screwed in pier supports cut from Trex scraps left over from my daughter’s remodel.


The top surface of the pier will be made from strip cut from the Trex.  Trex is very, very messy to cut!  It makes ten times the sawdust.


The whole front of me was as covered as my arm.  I used the shop vac to clean most of it off.  My husband walked in as I was vacuuming my boobs...he rolled his eyes, turned around, then walked back out.  :D



The only thing that needs to be finished before I can move on to seascaping is the brick wall.  I can finish that this week in the evenings.


I am using magnetic cabinet closures to attach the rear wall, so I can have access to the interior of the conservatory.


The walled off square is room for electrical stuffs, should I decide to electrify.

I probably could have finished bricking the wall this evening, but I have to clean my studio at the end of every weekend, so I can use it for my office during the week.


Anything I work on during the weekday evenings has to be low-mess and fit on my rolling cart.


I am very much enjoying both working from home and having a clean room.


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You need a Superman S somewhere for that changeover from studio to workplace!!

Sheila Lester

Oh boy...mental note, Trex sawing is for outside. Yeesh. But it looks so good!

I'm amazed that you clean up at the end of every weekend. I can't even manage it every other week.

Jodi Hippler

The rock pilings are looking awesome! And the piers are wonderful, too! The Trex has such a great texture for that! You are doing such a great job keeping those bricks straight and the conservatory base is going to add a level of interest to the project that make it extraordinary! I'm so excited to watch it progress further!

Megan Wallace

The trials and tribulations of working at home and keeping a workspace organized... I can imagine that working from home suits you though. I think for the foreseeable future, that's going to be our way of life. I'm recovering after surgery and not only am I working from home, I'm working from bed. I keep getting up and dragging another thing onto the bed with me. By evening, when my husband would like to share the space, I get the huge eye roll as he tries to find a few centimeters to fit himself in.


Wow! What a fascinating and ambitious landscaping... um sea-scaping project! I love it that your "properties" relate to each other on the shelf! This is really looking great! I can't wait to see the layers develop! :)

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