Almost done
Submission complete

The contest kit is finished

I completed the sign, after several attempts to get the lettering right, then crafted a bracket and hung it.  I am finished!




I need to take pictures with a proper backdrop for the submission, but I'm taking a break to just PLAY first.  Thanksgiving (which also happens to be my 50th birthday) is in a couple of days, I’ve got a few days off work, and I intend to enjoy myself.

The English Cottage Kitchen got a good much dust... then after a much deserved break the crew started hauling in groceries.




How many are they expecting for dinner?!?


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Congratulations on finishing, it is fantastic. I love the sea life.
Happy Birthday, I am one year ahead of you....I never imagined my self at 50. Now What? I am still trying to figure this stage of life out....I think it is best to punt.
Do I spy Michelle Obama and Freddie Mercury? That should make for some lively conversation. At least C3PO won't eat much. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and day of Thanks!


Yes, that's Freddy Mercury....and Kamala Harris. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Sheila Lester

Happy Birthday! I love how the kit looks! Beautiful work. Can't wait to see the submission pics.


Congratulations on your contest entry, it is such a creative use of the kit and is so well executed. And Happy Birthday! It is also my granddaughter’s birthday. Unfortunately our hero, Kamala, Harris won’t be celebrating with her 😉.


Wow-wow-wow! Keli! The idea for this kit has turned into an amazing art piece! Excellent vision and meticulous work! I wish I could appreciate all of the aged details "natural" weathering up close! Best of luck in the contest, too! Can't wait to see the photo shoot shots!


Oh, I love the faded printing on the brick and the sign!!
Love it all - the overall effect is splendid!

Happy late Birthday here too!
<3 <3 <3


Your finished competition kit is stunning! I want a tide pool too... I've been following your progress pictures on Instagram.
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In German they say you just struck a naught, and it's reason for much hilarity and celebration. I hope you had lots of both.

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