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a new plan

After months of looking at the mock-up foam-core room-boxes, I've decided to abandon the idea.

It's not really what I want.  It's settling.  It's making do. 

I don't need to do that!

I am going to build my townhouse from scratch.  Exactly the way I want it.

Here are some inspiration pictures....

Bw old center 50
Bw old center 50
Bw old center 50


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Shannon May

Bravo Keli! You’ll never be really happy with a half-baked idea that you’re not enthusiastic about. Especially if you expect this will be the last of the big builds, make it exactly how you want it.


Your inspiration architecture has such alluring details - It'll be so much fun to capture them in your townhouse! I am excited to see your new plans come to life and what materials will replace the foam core. It would be amazing if you clad the entire shelf in facade, though that might get heavy. Whatever ideas you have, I know they will be sooo good! Now get to work!!! You've made us wait long enough, lol!

Betsy Rogers

I'm all for big new builds using your imagination! It might take a long time to finish... but that 's the fun.... right? I look forward to seeing more! And I'm glad to see you still blogging!


Ohh! I'm excited to see this! You'll have so much fun creating your townhouse from scratch.

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