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Tropical Beach House - my entry into the HBS Creatin' Contest 2015

The base kit:92015_lg

My first dry fit:


My submission:

Jon and Jeannie ran away from home one cold and snowy night; now they live in a house on a tropical beach.  Jon still runs five miles each morning, but now he surfs every afternoon.  Jeannie enjoys yoga on the beach, snorkeling, and building sand castles.  They have become beach connoisseurs, traveling the world and bringing back a bit of each beach they visit, storing the memories in glass jars on their shelves.  They are home for a while now, dog-sitting for their neighbors.  Jeannie just came home from shopping in town, Jon has crafted her his signature cocktail to enjoy as they eat take-out sushi on the deck.





 I'll have more detailed posts coming over the next few days, with credits to the artisans who crafted the accessories.

last Saturday's pictures

I am taking the house back to the beach today for more pictures.  A different beach, or two or three, I think.  I got some good photographs last Saturday, but not quite the ones I want.  After a week of staring at them I know what I need to do differently.  Thank goodness the weather forecast changed, it's not supposed to rain until tomorrow. 











While I was taking pictures Husband was building a dam and hunting rocks.  The one he's holding in his hand I stuck in my pocket, it needs to be installed on the beach in front of the house.



Last time I photographed a house on the beach I acquired an audience.  My only spectators last weekend were some waterfowl; Michigan beaches in December are wonderfully, peacefully, vacant.  They are also cold, I need to remember to wear gloves today.  Wish me luck!



I wanted some non-working sconces above the nightstands, so had been looking at images of modern sconces online and contemplating what I could  quickly/easily/inexpensively create some from, but wasn't coming up with any good ideas.  My Eureka moment finally came when I was rummaging through my stash, looking for something, and pulled out some silver-colored non-working candle sconces.  I rotated them upside down....EUREKA!


Once the superglue cured I bent them out a bit and angled them in like little reading spotlights.




I'm done.  I worked through the night Friday night and got everything on my lists done, plus.  I didn't plan to work through the night, it just happened;  I was completely immersed in the project...in the zone, I guess you'd say.

Today I'll take the house to the beach to photograph.  You'll have to give me a week or so to cull thorough the photos and put together a list of the artisans I need to credit, then I'll write an official reveal post.  I did take a few shots in progress Friday night I'll share sporadically until the reveal, and I have some new purchases and gifts to show you.  For now I want to relax a bit, and glory in the stresslessness of being finished.




stocking the bar


I had a couple of perfume bottles, too, why not them as well?  I was going to put perfume in them, but this seemed easier since it was already on my worktable. 

Then I changed my mind about the cherry liqueur, so switched to Midori hoping it would look like Absinthe....and the Irish whiskey was too pale in such a small quantity, so I added a wee bit of alcohol ink, which made it too yellow, but it's good enough.




travel souvenirs

I didn't show you these when I made them...can't even find that I took pictures.  It was early on in the build, and I wasn't sure I'd end up using them.

The couple who live in the beach house are travelers, surfers, and beach connoisseurs.  They bring home a bit of the beach from each trip, and display it in glass jars, labeled with the location and year of their visit.  They especially like colored sand beaches.

I meant to make some surfing trophies to display with them, but ran out of time and ingenuity.

The excess wax hasn't been cleaned up yet, so excuse the state of the shelves....