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what I bought at the shows part two


Pin setting tweezers, drill bits and Archimedes drill from Smaller Than Life.  I lost the smallest bit in the hotel room already.


Stand mixer and cookbooks from Dorota Mateusiak.


Squirrels, chickadee, and insects from Barbara Meyer.  Garden gnome from Spencer's Nook.  The potted poppy didn't have a name on the receipt.


The wooden toy works!  It was made by Keenderson Miniatures.  Owl was crocheted by Gibson Girl, wooden box from Smaller Than Life, glasses from Dollhouse Isako, and glass decanter from Mini Decorators.


Flower kits from Paula Gilhooley, fabrics from miscellaneous tables.


Painting by Elizabeth Hefley of ERH Gallery, two tone basket by Nancy Wantiez, other baskets from and Mini Mansions and I don't remember who, wooden basket kit from Laser Creations.


The desk was from the bargain table...five bucks!...it needs to be glued and clamped at the bottom.  The gourd is a real gourd, a spinner gourd, grown and finished by Jeanette Utpatel.  I don't remember where I bought the tricycle and bowls.


 Geode, ammonite and snail shell from Lynn O'Shaughnessy.

That's it, that's all my loot.  Not too bad for someone with no shopping list :)

what I bought at the shows part one

I came home from the Bishop Show and the Three Blind Mice Show with some wonderful pieces....


All of the above from D-Tales Miniatures.


Squirrel by Leslie Frick, and rabbit by Weazilla.  The unfinished table didn't have a store name on the receipt.


Fishbowl by Miyuki Kobayashi


Look at that little face!  I named him Scruffy.  He was made by Marie W. Evans.


Boxer shorts by Lucy Iducovich....don't remember where I picked up the other items.


Wright Guide Miniatures always has good stuff.


Dome from Grapevine Miniatures, the rest from a store with no name on the receipt.


Bananas by Orsolya Skulteti, pottery by Jane Graber.  The porcelain house was an estate sale piece, I don't know who the artist is.

Update - Blondie solved the mystery, the artist is Sylvia Mobley.

At the Three Blind Mice show there was a grab bag of minis that I picked up, then put down again, which Lynn then picked up and bought.  I met Lynn in the lobby of our hotel and she kindly let me ride over to the show with her.  We hit it off and chatted the whole time. 

Lynn from Cleveland, if you see this, please email me....there were some little porcelain trees in that grab bag that are a match to this house and I'd love to buy them from you.


my loot from the show, part two


A glass octopus and paperweight from Vitreus Ignis.  I could have spent a small fortune at their booth....I regret leaving the glass lizard behind :(


Glasses with lenses from Spencer's Nook.  The other items didn't have the seller I bought them from on the receipts.  The sheets of paper were my free gift from the Three Blind Mice show.


A cacti and the woven baskets I purchased from Grapevine Miniatures.  The vegetables and basket of mushrooms came from assorted vendors.


Birds and a lizard, made by Barbara Ann Meyer of Mini Gems.


A glass decanter, matching seltzer bottle and stemmed glasses, on a glass tray, from C&J Gallery.  A square glass whiskey decanter and glasses from Gerd Felka.  An abalone shell from Lynn Miniatures.  Sunglasses from A Little More in Miniatures.


Shoes made by Patrizia Santi.


Glass liquor bottles, cocktails, and glassware from The Little Dollhouse Company.  This is where I went over budget :D  Glass bottles look more realistic and photograph so much better than plastic bottles do.  I did manage to restrain myself from buying the more expensive bottles with real liquor in them.


More odds and ends from The Little Dollhouse Company.

my loot from the show, part one


Glassware from Marie's Mini Shoppe.


A ceramic urn with tap, glass perfume bottle with stopper, and hand painted ceramic sink from Taller Targioni.


A Guatemalan woven rug/throw from Texas Tiny and a bird of paradise flower from Carol's Bloomers.


Pantry filler items from Wright Guide Miniatures.


Odds and ends from Cottage of Miniatures.


An owl trivet, silver tongs, and brass comb, by le mini di Pierluigi, purchased from The Little Dollhouse Company.


 Kits for wooden chests, a sheet of paper scissors, and a sheet of thread winders, from Lisa's Little Things.


A cherry cleaver and sharpening steel from J. Getzan.


Some paper covered wire from multiple sources, and a leaf veining tool from Templewood Miniatures.


Some chairs from WCD Miniatures.  They're plastic but are well made, have great detail, and a fantastic price point ($11 each).  I got these at the Three Blind Mice show, which was in a different location the same weekend.


Marble from Unicorna.


A Chinese checkers kit from Dragonfly International.  A yardstick, some embroidery in progress, and an embroidered bag, from Ruth Moe.


Wooden veneer trim, also from Ruth Moe.


Some canned goods and olive oil from Tiny Ter Miniatures.  A basket from Wilhelmina Miniatures, who was at the Three Blind Mice show.


A corn plant kit, from PepperWood Miniatures.  Thank you Brae, for asking if she had more stashed in the back, since we both wanted the one she had on the table.


Ester has been enjoying my purchases too...she looooves her some paper....



Three Blind Mice Show and trip to Audra's

Friday morning I drove downstate to Audra's house.  After a warm welcome and some time in her miniatures room we went to the Three Blind Mice Show in Ann Arbor, then back to her house where she put me up for the night.  Saturday she took me to a doll house store in Plymouth before I came back home.  I had a fantastic time and was happy to be the recipient of her generous hospitality. 

I'm still exhausted; it was a very long drive in bad weather.   I'll quickly share a few pictures then I'm crawling into bed with the cats for a nap.

Audra's "trash" she sent me home with....




My loot from the show....





The dollhouse store Audra took me too, and my purchases...




what I bought at the shows - part four

l've been intrigued by 'squeeze me' shrubbery for a long time, and seeing and feeling it in person cinched it for me...I bought three small bushes and four small trees from A Little More in Miniatures.  I got the rake from Diane Burger.

One of my favorite booths at the IMA show was potter Jason Feltrope's.  I wanted to buy one of everything, but came home with two beer steins, a jar, four bowls and a modern style teapot.


I fell in love with this antique grill sold by picker Patricia Wehmeier.  I didn't get the name of the seller I bought the modern chair from.  The blanket was crocheted by Dorothy Stewart of Hickory Grove Studio.


I bought some fine paper covered wire from Japan to make plants with, and some small scale fabric to upholster furniture with.  I also bought several 1:24 scale kits.  The box from Summerville Miniature Workshop contains a kit for a loveseat. I got a dahlia kit from Grapevine Miniatures.  I got several kits from Teresa's Miniature Creations...a screen door, trellis, garden bench, stove, cupboard, and rocking chair.

I purchased a piece of marble from Tres Beertema of Unicorna, from the Netherlands, which I will hopefully be able to use as a kitchen counter in the Bungalow.  I don't remember who I bought the corbels or three styles of tiny turnings from.  When I got home I found that the corbels are too big for what I intended to use them for, so they'll go in my stash to be used later.

That's it, that's everything I bought.  Tomorrow I'll post pictures about the class I took.

what I bought at the shows - part three

I bought a goldfish bowl from Miyuki Kobayashi, from Japan.  She also makes really cool aquariums, but I didn't have a spot to put one.  This bowl will go outside in the garden of one of my houses.

I bought 1:12 candles from Victoria of Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum...they are made from polymer clay but look just like wax...I am planning to use them inside a 1:24 fireplace. I've been eyeing them on Etsy for quite a while, once I saw the finish in person I snatched them up.

The pot I got from Julie of CelticJuju.  I've talked to Julie on a miniatures forum, it was nice to meet her in person. The pot has a great weathered finish which I couldn't capture well with my camera. 

One of them, I'm not sure who, snuck some mini fruit in my bag...thanks!

I bought the tea table kit and the fireplace tools (which is a finished kit) from SDK miniatures.  I've bought several of her plant kits over the years and finally got to meet her in person.

I bought the beautifully crafted 1:24 chair from Rebecca Libscomb, and the perfect little wicker shopping cart from Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures.  The brass cold air return is an antique I purchased from picker Patricia Wehmeier, and the shelf brackets and pans were purchased from Hartland Miniatures.

The tiny, intricate paper doily is from Stewart Dollhouse Creations.  As a bonus Ruth included the artwork...the map is going to look great in the study of the Fairfield.


what I bought at the shows - part two

A darling little polymer clay cyclamen from Twilla's Tiny Treasures...Twilla is a very nice lady :)

I bought a lot of pottery.  I mixed up who I bought what from when I unpacked...most of this I bought from Diane Burger.  The chipped pot in the back left was a freebie from a man Brae bought some pottery from (I was out of both cash and time when we got to his booth).

I don't remember where I got the large pot from.  The porcelain dog and teeny turtle are from the Greenhouse Mini Shop, the porcelain cat from the Little Dollhouse Company, and the coffee pot from Hartland Miniatures.  The plastic kitty on the right was a free door prize at the Three Blind Mice Show. The barrel was made by Charles of Sir Thomas Thumb, he's who made the shovels, pitchforks, rakes, etc for the the mill....I got a big hug, then we sat and chatted for at least half an hour.

The resin baskets I bought from Greenhouse Mini Shop; I don't remember the name of the shop I picked up the wooden spoon and ladle from.  The macaroni and cheese was made by Jan Patrie of Autumn Leaf Studio...it took forever to decide which of her pieces to buy, they were all fabulous.  The coffee grinder was made by Alemikimikri, from Italy, the crocheted pot holders by Deb's Custom Crochet, and the teapot cozy by the very talented Helen Palenski from New Zealand...this is the third teapot cozy I've purchased from Helen, I think she blushed a little when I told her the two I have elicite many compliments.