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the start of a tree

Since Brae and Lyssa are posting about the trees they are building for their contest houses I thought I'd blog about mine too.

I made some wire trees a few years ago...one of the trees I started with too large a gauge of wire and another with too small a gauge, so didn't finish either...I'm using them as the base for this tree.

I'm making a small ornamental tree at the same time so I can try the Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty Brae recommended...I want to make sure I like it before I try it on the big tree...if I don't I'll use paperclay.


The beginning of the big tree...the two starts I had are wired together and mounted on a base.  The little tree (on the left) has been coated with water putty.

A few hours later...the big tree is taller, the leftover water putty from the small tree is squished into its base..and the little tree has dried and been primed.


A few hours later..more branches have been added and pieces of wood have been wired to the trunk to stiffen it because it was a bit too bendy.


A few hours later...there is a coat of water putty on the now sturdy trunk and more branches have been added.


I've got a lot more wiring to do!

a modern makeover for some vintage furniture

All of these vintage Lundby pieces were upholstered like the chair on the left...last night I gave two of the pieces a makeover.  Fabric and I usually don't get along very well, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

The sofa originally had one bottom cushion, I cut it in half to make two...I also left the back of the sofa unpadded, since I'm going to add throw pillows.

new half scale source

I took my husband shopping at my two favorite garden stores yesterday morning to buy some herbs.  He loves to cook with fresh herbs, so I left the small plot behind the garage, next to the back patio, for him (well, most if it anyway, there are a few perennials in there I couldn't move).

Anyway...the garden stores both had displays for fairy garden miniatures, apparently it's all the rage this year.  I didn't get any furniture because I wasn't sure of the scale, but I may go back for some after taking pictures of what I did buy in front of my half scale Chantilly.  If I go back I'll take my camera to the store with me.

I bought a bicycle, a shepard's hook, and a set of three thingys to hang from it, all wonderfully weathered and rusty...and two trios of clay pots.  The bicycle is too rough to pass as a miniature bicycle, I'll use it as garden art.


Oh my, the grass is kind of tall...here's a close up...


As long as I was outside with the camera I took a picture of the herb garden.  It's not much to see yet because the plants are small.  I had to cut back the left side of the clematis quite a bit to get the tomato cage in...it will fill back out.


Matt put in some roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and a regular tomato..a bell pepper and some salad lettuce...summer savory, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, two types of parsley, and four types of basil...my man loves basil. 

I put in a catnip plant in the corner next to the patio.  I don't cook, I just cater to the cat ;)

I got in some work on the Spring Fling contest kit yesterday too...

I discovered first thing in the morning that my really cool origami-made pendant light, which is the main light in the structure, quit working.  I had to cut apart the origami shade to get to the lightbulb.  The connection looks good at the bulb and under the house, so I don't know what's wrong with it.  I tested the wiring before I buried it and it was fine...it worked last weekend after I finished the electrification!  Grrr...

I'm going to have my husband take a look at it, if he can't find something wrong that can be fixed I'm going to have to have a nonworking fixture, since the flange and post it hangs from are already attached to the ceiling.  I'll have to make a new shade, of course.  Then I'll have to come up with a different way to put a light in that side of the house...maybe an under-the-counter kitchen light or something.  At least I haven't finished the interior walls yet.

Then...I took a painted finial outside to put a second layer of high-gloss spray finish on it...and dropped it on the ground on my way back inside.    Since the gloss was still wet I tried to wash it off in the sink, but all I did was smear the sticky crud around.  I had to sand it back down to bare wood as best I could to start over.

I do believe I actually made negative progress yesterday, even considering all the other things I got done that went right.



Greenleaf Spring Fling 2012 contest

I bought the kit for the Greenleaf Spring Fling contest again this year.  I've had it in and out of dry fit a dozen times, and I've started priming the surfaces which will be painted.

Spring Fling 2012
The kit comes with several optional add-ons...these are the two pieces I am using.  I am planning some minor alterations to the kit, but before I begin bashing I need to test the final furniture placement.  I already had most of the furniture in my stash, so only needed to purchase a small kitchen set, which is traveling on a slow boat from Europe.  I am desperately hoping the kitchen arrives today so that I can see if the interior set-up I designed works out before I leave for the Chicago show tomorrow afternoon.

The deadline for the contest is September third, so I won't show you the kit again until then, except for an occasional sneak peek here and there.  Wish me luck!